Logicoll, LLC, a professional debt collection agency and RMAI Certified Receivables Business located in Lombard, IL, announces it has moved its headquarters to a new office located just 2 miles away at 820 Parkview Blvd. This move provides us much-needed space to accommodate company growth.

Our recent relocation comes as a result of our pressing need for expansion as our company continues to grow. The new office is more modern and features many upgrades that improve our work environment, benefit our employees, and enhance overall security. The large, wall-to-wall windows provide plenty of natural light to employees as well as a beautiful view of trees and ponds. We now have a technology-enabled conference room, larger employee workspaces, and improved security technology. The expanded office footprint means that we can help keep our employees safe and healthy through social distancing once everyone returns to the office. In our previous location, parking was limited, but at our new office, we have triple the parking spaces which eliminate the need for anyone (employee or client) to walk around the block in the snow just to reach our front door. 

“Our relocation is the culmination of our team’s dedication during this exceptional year,” says Logicoll, LLC President Ronni Majewski. “We outgrew our space, and this move is an exciting development for our company and our employees. In fact, the entire team was happy to relocate to a larger space while remaining in our hometown of Lombard. This move was a logical step in our business growth strategy and definitely increases our ability to service current and future clients.”

The new office features collaborative spaces and is a better fit for the innovative culture our team has built. During the move, we remained focused on serving our clients without compromising our standards of quality. Now, we have the capability to accommodate additional staff for future company growth and seize opportunities for further expansion within the industry. Our team is continually committed to serving our clients and consumers with the highest levels of professionalism and compliance. If you are interested in joining the Logicoll, LLC team, please visit our Indeed account to view current openings and apply online. 

About Logicoll

Logicoll, LLC is a professional debt collection agency and RMAI Certified Receivables Business located in Lombard, Illinois. We represent creditors in the resolution of outstanding consumer credit accounts, providing the people, processes, and technology creditors need to recover past due accounts while protecting your brand and treating your consumers with respect. Our company provides compliant recovery solutions for organizations that lend money or purchase outstanding receivables for originating creditors including major banks, credit card issuers, auto financing companies, fintech lenders, and more.