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Logicoll, LLC is a professional debt collection agency representing creditors in the resolution of outstanding consumer account balances. We provide creditors with the people, processes, and technology needed to recover outstanding account balances while protecting their brand and treating their consumers with the courtesy and respect they deserve.

Creditors rely on Logicoll, LLC to help them improve their cash flow and bottom-line financial performance. We understand the complex legal and regulatory environment affecting the accounts receivable industry, and we help our clients navigate these requirements to maximize value and minimize risk.

Logicoll, LLC provides first-party and third-party collection agency services.  We assist creditors with contacting consumers and resolving past due accounts at all stages in the delinquency process. Our specially trained representatives understand the nuances of working with consumers at each stage and can provide the perfect balance of customer service and debt collection. Our team works with consumers to find resolutions that enable the consumer to get their account back on track. We understand the reputational risk that creditors face and have designed our program to address the associated challenges.

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Our Team

Logicoll, LLC invests in our team and believes in helping our employees to grow and develop their skills. We use unique personality evaluations and other tools to review each potential team member and understand how they will fit within the organization and interact with other team members. We provide comprehensive training for each new team member to ensure that they understand his or her  role and responsibilities. As members of industry associations ACA International and RMAI, we stay informed of industry trends and regulatory updates and we provide our team with access to the educational resources made available by these associations for ongoing professional development.

Our Processes

We have developed our business processes based on our executive team’s decades of experience. We constantly look for opportunities to refine and improve each step in our processes as industry regulations and the preferences of consumers, clients, and society constantly evolve. Our support team works with each client to customize the way we work together to achieve optimal results. We are an RMAI Certified Collection Agency, demonstrating our compliance with rigorous standards of industry best practices from dispute resolution to operating processes. This certification is a strong symbol of our commitment to integrity and positive consumer services.

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Our Technology

Logicoll, LLC views technology as an aid to our people and our processes. We have customized our software suite to optimize our performance while providing consumers with the best possible experience. Our team regularly reviews system components and keeps abreast of new developments in the technology marketplace to ensure our systems are supporting our company mission and adding value for our clients and consumers. We are regularly audited by our clients and other third parties, enabling us to maintain the highest levels of data security and compliance with the relevant governing laws.